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Art of Dialogue
Dialogue is defined and discussed in this article which desribes a town's inability to have an effective
dialogue about West Side Story.  Download (pdf) article

Anti-Bigotry Resource
This resource from Teaching Tolerance helps us respond to discriminatory events in our everyday lives.

Being a Leader
This article discusses what leadership is and why it matters.  Download (pdf) article

Blacks and Latinos
What Unites Us / What Divides Us.  Download (pdf) article

Can You Love Them Enough?  Download (pdf) article
Describes the consultant's challenge when consulting on contested terrain.

Closing the Achievement Gap
The author's research on academic achievement leads to some suggestions
for schools seeking to improve achievement.  Download (pdf) article

Consulting for Diversity and Social Justice:  Challenges and Rewards
Consulting and training for cultural diversity is both challenging and rewarding.  This article issues a
call to face the challenges of diversity consulting and desribes strategies and approaches for
successful work.  Download (pdf) article

Successful Diversity Coordinators
Presents the results of research on effective diversity coordinators. Download (pdf) article

Treating Eating Disorders
Explores anorexia and bulimia at an all women's college. Download (pdf) article

Race and Family Identity
Discusses the significance of race and racism in transracial adoption. Download (pdf) article

Teaching About Race
The way we teach aboutdiversity is as important as the content itself. A process-oriented, feminist approach is
discussed, and strategies and techniques for teaching about racism are offered. Download (pdf) article

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