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For School Leaders

Effective school leadership is the cornerstone of high achieving schools. Strong leadership results in greater student achievement, highly skilled teachers and a community that values and promotes learning. Strong leadership also maintains school focus and organizational coherence through a landscape of change, growth, and development. Romney Associates consultants work with current and aspiring school leaders to help them develop the broad knowledge base and critical leadership skills needed for success. We increase leaders’ capacity to maintain their school’s vision by focusing on systems thinking and planning, coaching, leading from a cross-cultural perspective, team building, decision-making and organizational change.


Systems Thinking and Planning

Participants in this workshop will receive an overview of the field of systemic thinking and planning, examine a variety of leadership models, and engage in specific activities which allow participants to apply their learning in their own context. Included in the workshop is a review of each participants context, current organizational vision and mission, strategies and tactics, and decision-making, assessment and evaluation protocols. Participants will leave the workshop with a framework for assessing the effectiveness of their systemic thinking and a plan for improving their approaches within their context. (Contact Us)

Leading with Cultural Competence

Participants in this workshop will receive an overview on the impact of cultural on our schools and the critical role it plays for leaders in the 21st century. Included will be a detailed examination of how issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice and multiculturalism affect the day-to-day functioning of schools and how leaders can strengthen their leadership capacity. There will be opportunities to learn about respecting and affirming differences, expanding one’s knowledge base and examining strategies on how to lead within a cross-cultural setting. Participants will be able to review leadership challenges related to cross-cultural and create next steps for learning and application within their context. (Contact Us)

Team Building and Distributed Leadership

Participants in this workshop will learn the fundamentals of building, leading and sustaining leadership teams. Included will be an overview of how effective, high performance teams can impact a school and its overall operation. Participants will also learn how distributed leadership can be developed parallel to building teams and how distributed leadership can engage everyone in practices which hold everyone accountable to the goals set forth by the school. Included in this workshop will be an opportunity to examine the organization and level of functioning of the teams in your school, team leadership and communication skills, power and influence, conflict and decision-making management, and coaching and professional development opportunities. (Contact Us)

Leading Change

Participants in this workshop will receive an overview of the change process and how it influences the school’s structure and operational integrity. We explore models and practices which enable leaders to lead change while maintaining the school’s mission. Included in this workshop will be an examination of change management strategies and tactics, current change challenges in your own context, and how to plan for leading change. (Contact Us)

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a process that draws out and develops the skills and talents of leaders in “real time.” It is a one-to-one relationship between a client and a coach. Leadership coaching provides ongoing support and guidance to leaders beyond the workshops. Our leadership coaching process involves timely questioning and feedback techniques, opportunities for reflection and challenges designed to promote new learning for leaders as they seek to carry out their leadership mission. (Contact Us)

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