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Effective psychotherapy demands that therapists and counselors be cultural competent and culturally accountable while maintaining a sense of cultural humility. Our consultants are experienced in working with clients of different cultures and are also strong and proficient advocates of cross-cultural dialogue. We are knowledgeable in the areas of race, ethnicity, social class, gender and sexual orientation, as well as ability and disability.


Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility

Participants in this workshop will understand the role of culture in mental health counseling and therapy. They will achieve a working understanding of the meaning of cultural competence and cultural humility, and will also understand the limitations of these concepts. They will have a clear sense of how to maximize their competence and how to work effectively with clients whose social identities differ from their own. (Contact Us).

Overcoming Bias

Participants in this workshop will understand the meaning of bigotry and bias and will understand how they operate at personal, interpersonal and intergroup levels. Bias will be examined at a theoretical and practical level. Attention will be paid to the therapists’ implicit biases and how these may interfere in the treatment of clients who are targeted by discrimination and bias. Tools for overcoming biases will be introduced and each participant will develop an action plan for overcoming their own biases.(Contact Us)

Understanding the Black Experience

Participants will learn about members of the African Diaspora and their experiences in the US context. We will trace the history of naming Black Americans and consider what terms are appropriate and for whom. We will understand how racism impacts those who are defined as Black and we will look at strategies for overcoming racism. We will also look at the strengths of Black folks and how resilience functions in the Black community. (Contact Us)

Understanding the Latino/a Experience

Participants will learn about Latino communities. We will trace their history in the United States and consider their racial and ethnic diversity. We will look at color bias, linguicism, as well as the concomitant fascination and discrimination for members of these communities. We will evaluate and define terms like Hispanic, Latin, Latino, Latina, Spanish. Finally, participants will understand some of the most successful therapeutic interventions in working with Latinos/as. (Contact Us)

Understanding the Asian and Asian American Experience

Asians and Asian Americans come from many countries and speak many different languages. In this workshop we will examine the benefits and limitations of the term Asian. We will learn effective counseling techniques for engagement and treatment, and we will look at how bias continues to plague this so-called “model minority” whose members are also seen as perennial “foreigners” in America. (Contact Us)


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