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For Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff play a key role in the success of educational institutions. For teachers, the capacity to research information, plan and deliver instruction, and assess student performance is critical to sustaining a school’s ability to support and maintain learning. Educators must continue to engage in professional development, work cooperatively with colleagues and plan effectively to enhance student learning. For college-faculty, the tenure process can be confusing and daunting and the transition to higher rank and administrative position can be complex, necessitating new thinking and development. Romney Associates consultants work across the Pre-K to graduate school spectrum to assist faculty and staff in developing the knowledge and skills needed to perform their duties at the highest levels.


Instructional Coaching

Coaching is a process that draws out and develops the skills and talents of teachers and professors in “real time.” It is a one-to-one relationship between a professor or a teacher and a coach. Extending beyond workshops, instructional coaching provides ongoing support and guidance on classroom teaching. Our coaching process involves timely questioning and feedback techniques, opportunities for reading, research and reflection, and challenges designed to promote new learning for educators. (Contact Us)

Professional Learning Communities

Teachers and teacher leaders will learn how to work together to expand their instructional capacity, participate in meaningful dialogue, build relationships, negotiate conflicts, structure instructional practice, create a collective intelligence and build the capacity to sustain instructional improvement. (Contact Us)

Faculty and Staff Leadership

Teaching faculty and staff will learn how to bring leadership qualities and practices to their day-to-day work. Romney Associates will help faculty and staff examine the concept that leadership in an organization does not come solely from the top but, in fact, comes from all quarters, and that distributed leadership among professionals results in stronger and more effective instructional practices. Faculty and staff will learn about leadership styles and how distributed leadership can be applied to their own context. (Contact Us)

Team Building

Faculty and staff will learn the structural components of a team and how to build, lead and sustain the team’s effectiveness over time. The participants will learn how to set goals and meet objectives, hold themselves accountable, develop leadership and communication skills, and manage and resolve team conflicts. Participants will also learn how to move from mere “working groups” to “high performance teams." (Contact Us)

Work/Life Balance for College Faculty

The process of obtaining tenure and the pressures to “publish or perish” can make it difficult to maintain adequate focus on self and family. This workshop explores the new options offered by many academic institutions and teaches effective methods for conceptualizing and operationalizing effective work/life balance while moving forward in the academy. (Contact Us)

Department and School Retreats

Romney Associates consultants are available to help you plan and facilitate your school or departmental retreat. (Contact Us)

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